Tassie Thick Veneer

The best ideas are always the simplest and this new Tasmanian timber product
is no exception. It promises to change the way prestige boat designers, builders and wooden boat owners internally dress their vessels to instil the highest standards of quality, exclusivity and individuality.

Tassie Thick Veneer, which can be between 3 – 4mm thick, comes in a range of specialty timbers drawn from sustainably-managed forests. They include unique species such as Huon Pine, Celery Top, Myrtle, Sassafras and Blackwood. 

When fixed to a range of light-weight substrates, Tassie Thick Veneer offers incredible strength, outstanding fire retardancy, high insulation and acoustic value and the rich aesthetic qualities that are exclusive to Tasmania’s special species timbers. Unlike normal, wafer-thin veneer, our innovative thick veneer is easy to maintain while boasting the full characteristics of its solid counterpart, allowing it to be sanded back and re-surfaced time and time again.

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